Jean Lavergne made his mark as a specialized cameraman producer of institutional, corporate and commercial projects, and as a regional news broadcaster on the web.
Now established in Prince Edward Island, Jean is proud to offer his services to the community of Summerside and its surroundings.

  About ...

Jean Lavergne is a seasoned videographer and ENG-cameraman from Shawinigan Quebec who is working in the artistic field since the mid-70s. Musician since childhood, in 1976 at the age of 16, he undertake a professional musical career and joined several musical groups as a keyboardist and paced the Quebec musical circuit until 1989. After 13 years on the road, he decided in 1990 to found his own audio production company in Shawinigan. The local industry response was immediate. In less than a year, Jean joined the ranks of regular audio producers for many private organizations and clients, including local and regional radio stations. His radio experience will then continue further when he occupies the position of network operator for a short time.

A big movie fan and always on the lookout for new challenges, Jean added video production to his arsenal of services in 1995 and proposed a complete audiovisual package to his customers. From the start, Jean does not skimp on the means. The acquisition of broadcast-level production equipment that ensures flawless rendering quality has allowed Jean to quickly become a video producer of choice in the region. In 1997, Jean signed a contract with the local junior hockey league team for the shooting of its local games, contract that lasted from seasons 1997-98 to 2015-16. Initially fairly simple, the shooting of these games took an interesting twist when the team moved into the new Shawinigan multimedia center in 2008 where Jean had to set up a five-camera tv studio in order to broadcast live games in house and on the web. In May 2014, Jean was granted a special mention from the Mayor of Shawinigan for his leadership, exceptional professional qualities and his community-recognized expertise. This mention at the Shawinigan City Council followed Jean's participation at the event  « Toute la ville parle PME ».

Also very curious about paranormal subjects, Jean had the opportunity to return to the radio in 2001 but this time, in front of the microphone. Originally a simple 5-minute chronicle on the Friday morning show, the incredible infatuation of fans for the subject led him in 2009 to realized a one-hour weekly show entirely devoted to the UFO subject. The OVNIShow was born. Broadcast on the web and on local radio at the time, the show is a great success on both sides of the Atlantic with a large European and domestic audience. Honored by the ufology community, Jean received the "Pauline Mongrain Award" for the advancement of ufology in Quebec, presented for the first time in 2016 by the "Association Québécoise d'Ufologie" (AQU). L'OVNIShow is still in production and continues to develop an increasingly diverse audience.